Lakshadweep, a tropical archipelago, offers a diverse range of accommodations that cater to different tastes and preferences.

From boutique hotels that blend history and modern design to eco-friendly stays promoting sustainable tourism, this guide explores the various unique lodging experiences available in Lakshadweep.


Top 5 Boutique Hotels in Lakshadweep

Bargain Hunt in Lakshadweep
Hotel NameDescriptionUnique Features
Bangaram Island ResortA luxurious retreat on Bangaram Island, blending traditional architecture with modern amenities.Private beaches, water sports, island exploration.
White Pearl Beach HotelSituated on a pristine beach, this hotel offers a serene experience with a touch of local art and culture.A family-run establishment, personalized services, and cultural tours.
Kadmat Beach ResortLocated on Kadmat Island, known for its rich history and stunning natural beauty.Diving spots, traditional design, eco-friendly practices.
Island Holiday HomeA cozy hotel offering a homely atmosphere with a focus on preserving the local heritage.A family-run establishment, personalized services, and cultural tours.
Coral Beach ResortNestled on a beautiful beach, this resort combines eco-friendly practices with modern luxury.Eco-tours, coral reef exploration, sustainable amenities.

Homestays in Lakshadweep Emphasizing Cultural Immersion

Homestay NameLocationDescriptionCultural Highlights
Fly Zone HomestayAgatti IslandA humble abode offering an intimate experience of island life, located near the beach.Local cuisine, water sports, beach access.
Kasim’s HomestayAgatti IslandKnown for its warm hospitality and opportunities to engage in thrilling water sports.Family-run, cultural interactions, eco-tours.
Seagate Holiday HomeAgatti IslandOffers a comfortable stay with easy access to local attractions and cultural experiences.Provides a blend of resort amenities and homestay charm, ideal for experiencing the local lifestyle.
Agatti Island Beach Resort HomestayAgatti IslandProvides a blend of resort amenities and homestay charm, ideal for experiencing local lifestyle.Beachfront location, cultural activities, local exploration.

Sustainable Travel Accommodations in Lakshadweep

Establishment NameLocationDescriptionSustainability Practices
Bangaram Island ResortBangaram IslandA resort offering a luxurious stay with a commitment to eco-friendly practices and preserving the natural beauty of the island.Solar power, water conservation, minimal environmental impact.
Kadmat Island Beach ResortKadmat IslandKnown for its stunning natural setting, this resort emphasizes sustainable tourism with eco-friendly accommodations.Eco-tours, use of renewable energy, promotion of local culture.
Agatti Island Beach ResortAgatti IslandProvides a blend of modern amenities and eco-conscious living, focusing on preserving the local ecosystem.Sustainable waste management, energy-efficient practices, community engagement.

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