Nestled in the heart of Victoria, Australia, Bendigo is a vibrant city where history and modernity intertwine, creating a unique shopping experience.

Known for its grand Victorian architecture and rich gold rush history, Bendigo offers an array of shopping options, from charming local boutiques to bustling markets, each telling its own story of local craftsmanship and culture.

As you wander through the streets of Bendigo, you’ll encounter an eclectic mix of shops. Boutique stores are showcasing handmade crafts and designer clothing, reflecting the creativity and spirit of the local artisans.

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The city also prides itself on its antique stores, where treasure-seekers can find rare and unique items, echoing Bendigo’s historical significance. For information on accommodations that will make your stay in Bendigo comfortable and convenient, be sure to take a look at our Accommodations in Bendigo guide.

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5 Notable Crafts and Workshops in Bendigo

No.Name of Workshop/CraftDescriptionUnique Feature
1.Bendigo PotteryEstablished in 1858, this is one of the oldest working potteries in Australia. They offer workshops and demonstrations in pottery making.Visitors can experience hands-on clay making and witness the art of wheel throwing by skilled artisans.
2.Bob BoutiqueA unique store offering handmade crafts, gifts, and home decor items. Bob Boutique showcases the works of local artists and designers.Specializes in quirky, one-of-a-kind items that reflect the artistic spirit of Bendigo.
3.The Goldsmith’s GalleryRenowned for its custom-designed jewelry, this gallery allows visitors to see the process of jewelry making and even participate in workshops.Offers a unique opportunity to design and create your jewelry under the guidance of skilled goldsmiths.
4.Bendigo Art Gallery WorkshopsAlongside its impressive art collection, the gallery hosts various art workshops including painting, drawing, and sculpting.Workshops are often themed around current exhibitions, offering a deeper connection to the art on display.
5.The Wool RoomThis is a paradise for knitters and crocheters, offering a range of workshops from beginner to advanced levels.It’s known for its high-quality, locally sourced wool and friendly, expert advice.

Each of these workshops and crafts in Bendigo offers a unique glimpse into the local culture and artistic talent.

They provide not just products, but experiences that allow visitors to engage with and appreciate the rich creative heritage of the city.

4 Prominent Shopping Malls in Bendigo

No.Name of Shopping MallLocationKey Features
1.Bendigo Marketplace116-120 Mitchell Street, BendigoBendigo Marketplace is the largest shopping center in Central Victoria. It features over 100 retail stores, including major chains and specialty shops, a food court, and a children’s play area.
2.Lansell Square267 High Street, Kangaroo Flat, BendigoLocated in the suburb of Kangaroo Flat, Lansell Square is known for its convenient layout and a variety of stores, including supermarkets, fashion retailers, and dining options.
3.Strath Village Shopping CentreCondon Street, Kennington, BendigoThis shopping center offers a more intimate shopping experience with a focus on local businesses. It includes a mix of retail stores, services, and eateries, catering to the everyday needs of the community.
4.Hargreaves MallHargreaves Street, BendigoAlthough smaller, Hargreaves Mall is notable for its open-air setting and hosts a range of local and national retailers. It’s also a venue for community events and local markets.

Each of these shopping malls in Bendigo provides a unique shopping experience, from the expansive and diverse Bendigo Marketplace to the community-focused Strath Village Shopping Centre.

They collectively highlight the variety and convenience of shopping in this vibrant Australian city.

3 Iconic Shopping Markets in Bendigo and Their Shopping Practices


1. Bendigo Community Farmers’ Market

  • Location: Sidney Myer Place, Bendigo.
  • Description: This monthly market is a haven for those seeking fresh, locally sourced produce and artisan goods. It’s a place where the community gathers to support local farmers and producers.
  • Shopping Practices:
    • Seasonal Shopping: Shoppers can expect to find seasonal produce, ensuring fresh and high-quality products.
    • Direct Interaction with Producers: Provides an opportunity for consumers to meet and engage with the local farmers and artisans, offering insights into the origin and production of the goods.
    • Eco-friendly Practices: Encourages the use of reusable bags and containers, reflecting the market’s commitment to sustainability.

2. The Bendigo Moonlight Market

  • Location: Hargreaves Mall, Bendigo.
  • Description: This evening market is known for its vibrant atmosphere, featuring a variety of stalls selling everything from handmade crafts to street food. The market also hosts live music and entertainment, making it a popular social event.
  • Shopping Practices:
    • Cultural Diversity: Showcases a wide range of products reflecting Bendigo’s multicultural community, including international cuisines and crafts.
    • Cash and Card Transactions: Most vendors accept both cash and card payments, accommodating the convenience of shoppers.
    • Support for Local Talents: Often features products from local artists and craftsmen, promoting the city’s creative talent.

3. Bendigo Antique and Vintage Fair

  • Location: Various locations, including the Bendigo Showgrounds.
  • Description: This occasional market attracts antique enthusiasts from across the country. It offers a vast array of vintage items, collectibles, and antiques.
  • Shopping Practices:
    • Bargaining: A common practice in this market, where shoppers can negotiate prices with vendors.
    • Authenticity Checks: Shoppers are encouraged to inquire about the history and authenticity of items, as the market prides itself on genuine antiques.
    • Specialist Advice: Many stalls are manned by experts who can provide valuable information and tips on antique collection and care.


Shopping in Bendigo is an adventure that transcends mere retail therapy. It’s a journey through the city’s rich cultural tapestry, blending the allure of historic charm with contemporary convenience.

From the artisanal crafts and workshops that echo Bendigo’s creative spirit to the diverse array of shopping malls catering to every need, Bendigo presents a shopping paradise that is both vibrant and unique.

The city’s iconic markets, like the Bendigo Community Farmers’ Market and The Bendigo Moonlight Market, not only offer an array of products but also embody the community’s ethos of sustainability, diversity, and support for local businesses.

These markets are not just places to shop but are vibrant social hubs where locals and visitors alike gather to experience the pulse of the city.

Bendigo’s antique and vintage fairs add another layer to this shopping experience, inviting enthusiasts to explore treasures from the past, each with its own story and history.

The opportunity to interact with local artisans, farmers, and antique experts further enriches the experience, making shopping in Bendigo both educational and engaging.

In summary, shopping in Bendigo is more than an activity; it’s an immersive experience that offers a glimpse into the heart and soul of the city. Whether you’re a resident or a traveler seeking to explore the city’s charm, Bendigo’s shopping scene promises a delightful blend of history, culture, and modern retail, all wrapped up in the warm, welcoming spirit of this Australian gem.


What is the Bendigo Marketplace and what can I expect there?

The Bendigo Marketplace is Central Victoria’s largest and most vibrant shopping center. It houses over 100 specialty retail stores, including popular chains like Woolworths and Big W. The marketplace caters to a wide range of shopping needs, from clothing to gifts, and is a great spot for both locals and tourists. It’s known for its variety and the convenience it offers to shoppers.

Are there any unique shopping experiences in Bendigo for locally-made products?

Yes, Bendigo offers unique shopping experiences for those interested in locally-made products. PepperGreen Farm, for instance, is an excellent place for visitors who appreciate locally sourced produce and artisanal goods. This location often doubles as a social hub and a marketplace, offering a blend of fresh produce and community engagement. Another notable spot is the Living Arts Space, which not only showcases local art but also provides a platform for artists to exhibit and sell their work.

Can I find department store shopping in Bendigo?

Definitely. Myer Bendigo is a prominent department store in the area. As part of Australia’s most extensive department store chain, Myer offers a comprehensive shopping experience with a wide range of products, from fashion to home goods and electronics. It’s a go-to spot for shoppers looking for a one-stop-shop experience with a variety of options.

What about antique shopping in Bendigo?

For antique enthusiasts, Bendigo is a treasure trove. Valentine’s Antique Gallery, for example, displays a wide array of Australian and imported antiques. This is a place where history buffs and collectors can find unique and rare items, making it a must-visit for those interested in the charm and story of antiques.

Are there any night markets or evening shopping experiences in Bendigo?

Yes, Bendigo also hosts evening shopping experiences like the Moonlight Market Bendigo. This market creates a vibrant atmosphere with a variety of stalls, live music, and street food. It’s an ideal place for those looking to enjoy shopping in a more relaxed and festive environment.

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