Nestled in a picturesque corner of Victoria, the Mornington Peninsula is an idyllic blend of unspoiled beaches, lush vineyards, and hidden historical treasures.

This guide promises to unveil the top 10 must-experience activities in this enchanting region. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, a nature enthusiast, or someone in search of tranquil moments, the Peninsula has something to captivate your heart.

Each activity we explore is not just a thing to do; it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of the Mornington Peninsula, where every experience is a story waiting to be lived.

So, let’s embark on this journey together, uncovering the unique charm and unforgettable adventures that this Australian gem has in store for you.

Explore 15 Incredible Attractions in Mornington Peninsula: A Journey of Discovery

Cape Schanck Lighthouse
AttractionDescriptionOpening HoursTicket PriceHighlights
Cape Schanck LighthouseA maritime beacon since 1859, offering breathtaking views.9 AM – 5 PMGuided tours, and historical exhibits.Guided tours, historical exhibits.
Peninsula Hot SpringsTherapeutic natural thermal mineral waters for relaxation.7 AM – 10 PMFrom $25Over 50 global bathing experiences.
Point Nepean National ParkA mix of natural beauty and historical landmarks.6 AM – 6 PMFreeScenic trails, military forts.
Arthurs Seat State ParkStunning views of Port Phillip Bay from the summit.24 HoursFreeGondola rides, nature trails.
Montalto VineyardAward-winning wines set in a picturesque landscape.11 AM – 5 PMWine tastings from $20Sculpture trail, fine dining.
Mornington Peninsula National ParkCoastal scenery with beaches and walking tracks.24 HoursFreeGunnamatta Beach, Bushrangers Bay.
Red Hill MarketA vibrant market showcasing local artisanal products.8 AM – 1 PM (First Sat of month)FreeCrafts, fresh produce.
Enchanted Adventure GardenAn outdoor adventure park with mazes and slides.9 AM – 5 PMAdults $32, Children $22Tube slides, canopy walks.
Sorrento Back BeachA stunning ocean beach with rock pools and surf.24 HoursFreeRock pools, coastal walks.
Ashcombe MazeAustralia’s oldest hedge maze with lavender gardens.10 AM – 5 PMAdults $18.50, Children $10Lavender gardens, café.
McClelland Sculpture ParkOutdoor gallery with over 100 sculptures.10 AM – 5 PMBy donationArt in a natural setting.
Moonlit SanctuaryClose encounters with Australian wildlife.10 AM – 5 PMAdults $24, Children $12Night tours, animal encounters.
Dromana Drive-InNostalgic movie experience in one of the few remaining drive-ins.VariesPer car $35Retro cinema experience.
Rye Ocean BeachDramatic coastal scenery is perfect for photography.24 HoursFreeSerene beach, scenic views.
Boneo Discovery ParkFamily-friendly with wetlands and adventure activities.10 AM – 5 PMAdults $18, Children $15Mini golf, boardwalks.

24 Hours of Fun: 9 Diverse Things to Do by Time in Mornington Peninsula

Peninsula Hot Springs
Time of DayActivity
Morning Activities
Sunrise at Cape Schanck LighthouseWitness a breathtaking sunrise at this historic lighthouse, offering serene ocean views.
Breakfast at a Local CaféStart your day with a hearty breakfast at one of Mornington’s charming cafes, savoring fresh local produce.
Hot Springs RelaxationSpend the morning unwinding in the therapeutic waters of the Peninsula Hot Springs.
Afternoon Activities
Wine Tasting at Montalto VineyardIndulge in an exquisite wine-tasting experience in the scenic vineyards of Montalto.
Explore Point Nepean National ParkDiscover the rich history and stunning landscapes of Point Nepean National Park.
Visit Sorrento’s Art GalleriesStroll through Sorrento, exploring its vibrant art scene and unique galleries.
Night Activities
Sunset Dinner CruiseEnjoy a scenic sunset dinner cruise along Port Phillip Bay, with stunning coastal views.
Stargazing at Arthurs SeatExperience the wonder of the night sky with a stargazing session atop Arthurs Seat.
Live Music at a Local PubEnd your day with live music and a relaxed atmosphere at one of the Peninsula’s lively pubs.

10 Local Delicacies in Mornington Peninsula and Top Dining Spots

Food in Mornington Peninsula
Local DelicacyDescriptionWhere to Find
Mornington Peninsula ChardonnayA world-renowned wine with a crisp, fruity flavor.Local wineries like Montalto Vineyard.
Flinders MusselsFresh, succulent mussels, often served in aromatic sauces.Seafood restaurants along the coast.
Pinot NoirLocally produced, with a rich and complex taste.Wineries across the Peninsula.
Mornington Peninsula CheeseArtisanal cheeses, ranging from soft to hard varieties.Cheese factories and local markets.
Berry DelightsFresh berries from local farms, served in desserts or as snacks.Farm gates and markets like Red Hill Market.
Seafood PlatterA mix of the freshest local seafood, often grilled or steamed.Coastal eateries in towns like Sorrento.
Venison DishesRich and flavorful, sourced from local deer farms.Specialty restaurants and farm-to-table diners.
Handcrafted ChocolatesArtisan chocolates with unique local flavors.Chocolate shops and cafes.
Organic Olives and Olive OilLocally grown olives turned into flavorful oil and snacks.Olive groves and markets.
Gourmet PiesHearty pies filled with locally sourced ingredients.Bakeries and cafes in the area.

Street Food Hotspots

  1. Dromana Foreshore: Known for its vibrant food trucks offering fresh seafood and gourmet burgers.
  2. Mornington Wednesday Market: A hub for local street food delicacies, especially during summer.
  3. Rye Foreshore Market: Offers a variety of street food options, from ethnic cuisines to classic Australian snacks.
Mornington Peninsula Best Restaurants

Fine Dining Recommendations

  1. The Dining Room at Montalto: Offers an upscale dining experience with a menu that showcases local produce.
  2. Port Phillip Estate Dining Room: Known for its elegant setting and a menu that complements its award-winning wines.
  3. Ten Minutes by Tractor: Renowned for its exquisite cuisine and exceptional wine list, set in a beautiful vineyard setting.
  4. Laura at Pt. Leo Estate: A contemporary restaurant offering a sophisticated menu inspired by regional flavors.
  5. The Baths, Sorrento: Located on the water, it provides a luxurious dining experience with stunning bay views.

Top 10 Accommodations in Mornington Peninsula and Unique Local Experiences

Red Hill Market
AccommodationTypeDescriptionUnique Experience
Jackalope HotelLuxuryA blend of art, design, and vineyard views, offering an exclusive retreat.Wine and dine at the hotel’s upscale restaurant, Doot Doot Doot, with its seasonal menu.
Peppers Moonah Links ResortResortKnown for its golf courses, this resort provides a luxurious stay with spa facilities.Enjoy a round of golf on the championship courses or relax in the endota spa.
RACV Cape Schanck ResortResortSet in a stunning natural landscape, offering a golf course, spa, and modern amenities.Explore the Cape Schanck Lighthouse or take a guided walk along the coast.
Flinders HotelBoutiqueCombining comfort with elegance, close to local attractions and beaches.Visit the Flinders Pier for fishing or enjoy a coastal walk.
Lindenderry at Red HillBoutiqueSet amidst vineyards, known for elegant rooms, fine dining, and wine tasting.Participate in a wine-tasting tour or explore the sculpture garden.
The Boathouse ResortBoutiqueLocated near the beach, offering stylish and comfortable accommodation.Experience the local marine life with a snorkeling trip at the nearby beach.
Brooklands of MorningtonHotelCentrally located, featuring an indoor pool and conference facilities.Take a leisurely stroll to the Mornington Racecourse Market.
Harmony Bed & BreakfastB&BA peaceful retreat set in a garden setting, offering a homey atmosphere.Enjoy the tranquility of the garden or explore nearby walking trails.
Woodman EstateLuxuryA magnificent lakeside estate with luxurious accommodation and a renowned restaurant.Try your hand at fishing in the private lake or indulge in a high tea experience.
The Peninsula Boutique HotelBoutiqueOffers a blend of luxury and comfort with stunning bay views.Take a sunset walk along the beach or explore the vibrant Main Street in Mornington.

Weather Guide: Understanding the Climate in Mornington Peninsula and Packing Tips

Sorrento Back Beach
MonthAverage TemperatureWeather ConditionsPacking Tips
January14°C – 25°CWarm and dry, with long sunny days.Light clothing, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses.
February14°C – 24°CWarm with occasional hot days.Summer attire, beachwear, sun protection.
March13°C – 22°CMild with cooler evenings.Layered clothing, light jacket for evenings.
April10°C – 19°CCooler with more rainfall.Warmer clothing, waterproof jacket.
May8°C – 16°CBeginning of the cooler, wetter season.Warm layers, rain gear, sturdy shoes.
June6°C – 14°CCool and wet, shortest days.Warm clothing, waterproof outerwear, boots.
July5°C – 13°CThe beginning of spring gradually warms.Cold and wet, the peak of winter.
August6°C – 14°CStill cold, but days start to lengthen.Warm layers, waterproof clothing, beanie.
September7°C – 16°CLayered clothing, light sweater, or jacket.Transitional clothing, light jacket, comfortable shoes.
October9°C – 18°CWarmer days, less rainfall.Beginning of spring gradually warms.
November11°C – 20°CWarmer and drier, leading into summer.Light clothing, a versatile jacket for evenings.
December13°C – 23°CWarm, leading into the peak summer season.Summer attire, sunscreen, beach gear.

Navigating Mornington Peninsula: Transport Options, Costs, and Durations

Transport ModeDescriptionCost (Approx.)DurationA scenic route across Port Phillip Bay.
Car RentalIdeal for flexibility and exploring at your own pace.From $40/dayVariesKeep personal belongings secure, and be aware of schedules.
Public BusesConnects major towns and attractions.$4-$6 per tripVariesKeep personal belongings secure, be aware of schedules.
Taxis/UberConvenient for short distances or if not driving.Base fare $4, then $1-$2/kmVariesConfirm the identity of the driver and vehicle before boarding.
Bicycle HireGreat for scenic routes and short distances.From $30/dayVariesWear helmets, follow road rules, stay on designated bike paths.
Walking ToursGuided tours for specific attractions.From $20/person2-4 hoursFollow safety instructions, and be mindful of sea conditions.
Ferry (Sorrento to Queenscliff)Wear comfortable shoes, carry water, and stay with the group.$13 for pedestrians, $36 with car40 minsWear helmets, follow road rules, and stay on designated bike paths.

Safety Guidelines for Traveling in Mornington Peninsula:

  1. General Precautions: Always stay informed about local weather and road conditions, especially when driving or cycling.
  2. Wildlife: Be cautious of wildlife while driving, especially at dawn and dusk.
  3. Beach Safety: Follow lifesaving signs and flags at beaches, and swim only in designated areas.
  4. Water Activities: When engaging in water sports or boat rides, always wear life jackets and follow safety instructions.
  5. Emergency Services: In case of emergency, dial 000 for police, fire, or ambulance services.


the Mornington Peninsula is a captivating blend of natural beauty and cultural richness, offering something for every visitor.

From the serene beaches and historic Cape Schanck Lighthouse to the therapeutic Peninsula Hot Springs and the lush Montalto Vineyard, the region is a treasure trove of experiences.

Whether you’re indulging in local delicacies, exploring the rugged national parks, or enjoying the varied transport options to navigate the area, the Peninsula promises a memorable escape.

Its unique combination of scenic landscapes, rich history, and vibrant local life makes it an ideal destination for those seeking both relaxation and adventure.


What are some popular activities for families in the Mornington Peninsula?

Families can enjoy a range of activities including visiting the Enchanted Adventure Garden with its mazes and adventure courses, exploring the Mornington Railway Heritage Train, and spending time at beautiful beaches like Rye Beach.

Are there any historical attractions in the Mornington Peninsula?

Yes, the Mornington Peninsula is home to several historical sites such as the Flinders Monument, which commemorates the explorer Matthew Flinders, and the Old Mornington Post Office Museum, showcasing postal and communication memorabilia.

What are some natural attractions in the Mornington Peninsula?

The region is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, including Point Nepean National Park, where visitors can learn about both history and nature the picturesque Seawinds Gardens near Arthurs Seat.

Can you suggest some unique experiences in the Mornington Peninsula?

Unique experiences include exploring the Ashcombe Maze, Australia’s most famous traditional hedge maze, and visiting the Flinders Blowhole and Elephant Rock for spectacular coastal views.

What are some of the best places to eat and drink in Mornington Peninsula?

The Peninsula offers a variety of dining experiences, from the gourmet pizzas at Peninsula Hot Springs to the hatted restaurants like Laura at Pt Leo Estate and Doot Doot Doot at Jackalope Hotel.

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