Charlottetown, the charming capital city of Prince Edward Island, is steeped in Canadian history and brimming with cultural attractions.

Known as the “Birthplace of Confederation,” this picturesque city offers a perfect blend of historic landmarks, scenic beauty, and vibrant cultural scenes. From the storied streets of the historic downtown to the lush, green spaces and waterfront views, Charlottetown captivates visitors with its unique blend of old-world charm and contemporary vibrance.

Whether you’re exploring the Victorian architecture, enjoying a show at the Confederation Centre of the Arts, or delving into the city’s rich maritime history, Charlottetown promises a rich and varied experience for all kinds of travelers.

The city’s warmth is not just in its scenic landscapes but also in the hospitality of its residents, making every visit to Charlottetown a memorable one.


Charm of Charlottetown: 5 Iconic Landmarks to Visit


1. Confederation Centre of the Arts

  • Description: This ultra-modern center, opened in 1964, is a national monument to Confederation, covering an entire city block. It houses a museum, art gallery, library, two theaters, and a restaurant. Known for the summer production of Anne of Green Gables, it features artworks by Canadian artists including Robert Harris.
  • Location: 145 Richmond Street, Charlottetown
  • Official Site: Confederation Centre​.

2. St. Dunstan’s Basilica

  • Description: An architectural marvel, this basilica with red sandstone spires is a reminder of Charlottetown’s Victorian heritage. Built in the French neo-Gothic style, it was rebuilt after a fire in 1915. It’s one of the largest buildings of its kind in Eastern Canada, known for its ornate altar and rose window.
  • Location: 45 Great George Street, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island​​.

3. Beaconsfield Historic House

  • Description: A prime example of Victorian architecture, Beaconsfield was built in 1877. It now serves as the PEI Museum and Heritage Foundation, hosting exhibitions, lectures, and concerts. Its design includes lace-like wooden decorations and a mansard roof.
  • Location: 2 Kent Street, Charlottetown
  • Official Site: Beaconsfield Historic House​.

4. Prince Edward Battery and Victoria Park

  • Description: The battery, strategically positioned on the harbor, offers wide views and historical interest with its cannons and barracks. Victoria Park, the largest public park in Charlottetown, is a family-friendly destination with lawns, playgrounds, a pool, and tennis courts.
  • Location: 45 Park Roadway, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island​​.

5. Victoria Row

  • Description: A bustling area for shopping and dining, Victoria Row is known for its pedestrian-friendly streets, Victorian architecture, and lively atmosphere. It’s a hub for enjoying live music, outdoor dining, and the Anne of Green Gables Shop.
  • Location: Victoria Row, Charlottetown​​.

Each landmark offers a unique glimpse into the history, culture, and architectural beauty of Charlottetown, making the city a delightful destination for travelers.

Top 10 Must-Visit Attractions in Charlottetown, Canada

1Peakes Wharf and Confederation LandingSouvenir shops, waterfront dining, boat tours, harbor views, boardwalk, live music.6 Prince Street, Charlottetown
2Government HouseGeorgian architecture, formal gardens, official residence of the Lieutenant Governor.Government House, Charlottetown
3Province House National Historic SiteHistoric parliament building, “Birthplace of Canada.”165 Richmond Street, Charlottetown
4Charlottetown Farmers MarketLocal produce, crafts, and food options.100 Belvedere Avenue, Charlottetown
5Prince Edward Island National ParkRed-sand beaches, warm waters, Green Gables site.Prince Edward Island National Park
6Port-la-Joye/Fort Amherst National Historic SiteHistoric ruins, Blockhouse Point Lighthouse.191 Hache Gallant Lane, Rocky Point
7The GuildTheatre, art exhibits, cultural workshops.Charlottetown
8Red Shores Racetrack & CasinoHorse racing, casino games, dining.Charlottetown
9Charlottetown BoardwalkScenic waterfront walk, harbor views.Charlottetown
10Founders’ HallInteractive exhibits on Canada’s Confederation.Charlottetown

This table provides a detailed overview of 10 must-visit attractions in Charlottetown, each contributing uniquely to the city’s appeal.

Top 5 Hotels for a Comfortable Stay in Charlottetown, Canada


Here’s a table showcasing five top-rated hotels in Charlottetown, perfect for travelers seeking a comfortable and enjoyable stay:

No.Hotel NameReviewsValue Rank in Charlottetown
1The Harbour House958 reviews#1 of 94 places to stay in Charlottetown​
2Sydney Boutique Inn & Suites196 reviews#2 of 94 places to stay in Charlottetown​
3The Great George884 reviews#3 of 94 places to stay in Charlottetown​
4The Hotel on Pownal516 reviews#4 of 94 places to stay in Charlottetown​
5Rodd Charlottetown1,058 reviews#5 of 94 places to stay in Charlottetown​

These hotels are highly rated by guests for their excellent service, comfortable accommodations, and convenient locations, making them ideal choices for visitors to Charlottetown.


Charlottetown, Canada, is a treasure trove of cultural, historical, and scenic attractions, each offering a unique window into the city’s rich heritage and vibrant community life.

From the elegant spires of St. Dunstan’s Basilica to the lively ambiance of Victoria Row and the serene beauty of Prince Edward Island National Park, Charlottetown promises a diverse and enriching experience.

Whether you’re indulging in the local cuisine, exploring historical landmarks, or simply soaking in the picturesque landscapes, Charlottetown is a destination that captivates and delights, inviting you to discover its many wonders and create lasting memories.


What are the must-see attractions in Charlottetown?

Must-see attractions include the Confederation Centre of the Arts, St. Dunstan’s Basilica, Beaconsfield Historic House, and the vibrant Victoria Row for shopping and dining

Are there any historical sites in Charlottetown?

Yes, Charlottetown is rich in history, with sites like the Province House National Historic Site and Beaconsfield Historic House showcasing the city’s past.

What activities can families enjoy in Charlottetown?

Families can enjoy activities like visiting the Charlottetown Farmers Market, exploring Victoria Park, and taking harbor tours from Peakes Wharf.

Is Charlottetown known for any cultural experiences?

Charlottetown is known for its cultural experiences, including theatre productions at the Confederation Centre of the Arts and live music at various venues across the city.

Are there natural attractions near Charlottetown?

Yes, nearby natural attractions include Prince Edward Island National Park, known for its beautiful red-sand beaches and warm waters, perfect for a day trip.

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