Moncton, a vibrant cultural hub in New Brunswick, boasts accommodations that transcend mere stay options.

These lodgings encapsulate the city’s rich heritage, offering guests an immersive cultural experience. From quaint B&Bs nestled in historic districts to modern hotels celebrating local artistry, Moncton’s accommodations intertwine with the city’s diverse cultural fabric.

Here are four distinct experiences that embody Moncton’s cultural richness through accommodation.


Hotels in Moncton, Canada: Where History Meets Design and Experience

Delta Hotels BeausejourBlending contemporary design with historical charm, this hotel offers spacious rooms, a spa, and a prime location near Capitol Theatre and Magnetic Hill.
The Chocolate River HotelSet in a converted chocolate factory, this boutique hotel infuses industrial-chic design, offering uniquely styled rooms and a cozy café showcasing local delicacies.
The Old Train Station InnA historic landmark turned inn, featuring Victorian-style rooms, antique furnishings, and close proximity to Moncton’s train station and downtown attractions.
Crowne Plaza MonctonSeamlessly blending modern elegance with historic touches, this hotel boasts upscale amenities, a vibrant restaurant, and views overlooking the Petitcodiac River.
St. James Gate BoutiqueSet in a renovated heritage building, this boutique hotel exudes sophistication with stylish rooms, an Irish pub, and easy access to downtown Moncton’s entertainment.

These five hotels in Moncton offer guests a fusion of history, innovative design, and a memorable stay, catering to diverse preferences with their unique characteristics.

Airbnb in Moncton, Canada | Cultural Homestays

Homestay/Airbnb ExperienceDescription
Historic Downtown SuiteNestled in the heart of the historic district, this cozy suite offers a cultural immersion experience with its antique décor, local artwork, and proximity to cultural landmarks.
Acadian Heritage HomeA charming Acadian-style home showcasing Moncton’s heritage, offering guests traditional Acadian cuisine, storytelling sessions, and an immersive cultural exchange.
Indigenous Cultural RetreatExperience Indigenous traditions and storytelling at a retreat situated by the river. Enjoy cultural workshops, traditional meals, and conversations with local Indigenous hosts.

These Airbnb experiences in Moncton provide guests with an immersive cultural stay, offering unique insights into the city’s heritage and traditions through various cultural experiences.

Resorts in Moncton, Canada | Cultural Immersion

Resort ExperienceDescription
Magnetic Hill ResortOffering cultural evenings with Acadian music and traditional cuisine, this resort provides an immersive experience amidst nature, with cultural shows and local artisan exhibits.
Casino New Brunswick ResortWith periodic cultural events showcasing local talents and art, this resort offers a fusion of entertainment and cultural experiences, alongside luxury amenities and gaming options.
Rodd Moncton Hotel & ResortEmbracing local heritage, this resort conducts themed cultural weekends featuring Acadian cuisine, music, and dance, providing an enriching cultural immersion for guests.

Sustainable Stays in Moncton, Canada: Leading Establishments


1. Hotel Shediac

  • This eco-conscious hotel emphasizes sustainability by implementing energy-efficient systems, waste reduction initiatives, and promoting local community engagement. They actively support environmental conservation efforts in the region.

2. Hôtel Moncton

  • With a focus on eco-friendly practices, Hôtel Moncton integrates sustainable measures like energy-saving lighting, water conservation methods, and sourcing locally produced amenities to minimize its ecological footprint. They prioritize environmental responsibility throughout their operations.


Staying in Moncton isn’t merely about finding a place to rest; it’s an invitation to immerse yourself in a city teeming with cultural vibrancy and rich heritage.

From historic inns to contemporary resorts, each accommodation embodies a unique facet of Moncton’s story, offering more than just comfort. It’s a gateway to experiencing the city’s soul, where every stay holds the promise of cultural immersion, community connections, and unforgettable memories.

In Moncton, the accommodation is not just a destination; it’s an integral part of an enriching journey.


What are the best hotels in Moncton?

Moncton offers a range of top-rated hotels like Delta Hotels Beausejour, Crowne Plaza Moncton, Rodd Moncton Hotel, and Casino New Brunswick Resort, catering to diverse preferences.

How much does accommodation in Moncton typically cost?

Accommodation prices in Moncton vary based on the type of stay. On average, hotel stays range from $100 to $200 CAD per night, depending on the location and amenities.

Are there budget-friendly accommodations in Moncton?

Yes, Moncton provides various budget-friendly options, including motels, B&Bs, and budget hotels, offering comfortable stays at affordable rates.

What are some unique accommodation experiences in Moncton?

Moncton offers unique accommodation experiences like staying in historic inns, boutique hotels, and themed resorts that provide distinct and memorable stays.

How far in advance should I book accommodation in Moncton?

It’s advisable to book accommodation in Moncton at least a few weeks in advance, especially during peak seasons or when planning to attend specific events to secure preferred choices and better rates.

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