Blackpool, a vibrant coastal town in England, offers an array of dining experiences that cater to every palate and preference.

Renowned for its culinary diversity, the city boasts an eclectic food scene where traditional flavors blend seamlessly with contemporary influences. Explore more global culinary experiences and travel destinations on our main page.

Immerse yourself in Blackpool’s local culinary tapestry, with seafood dishes crafted from the freshest catches, hearty British classics, and international cuisines with a modern twist. For more travel inspiration, visit the USA category page, discover attractions in Williamsburg, VA, or explore the restaurants in Broken Bow. Dive deeper into unique travel experiences with our guides in Carlsbad, NM, and explore the diverse cultures and destinations in India.


Restaurants in Blackpool, England: Indulge in Culinary Excellence

Iconic restaurant view in Blackpool, England
Restaurant NameCuisineMap Link
The White Tower RestaurantSeafoodWebsite
Michael Wan’s MandarinChineseWebsite
Beach House BistroEuropeanWebsite
West Coast Rock CafeAmericanWebsite
Bella ItaliaItalianWebsite
Twelve RestaurantModern BritishWebsite

These restaurants offer diverse culinary delights, from seafood specialties to international cuisines, making them ideal spots to experience the vibrant flavors of Blackpool’s dining scene.

Vegan Restaurants in Blackpool, England: Savor Plant-Based Delights

Top-rated bistro in Blackpool, England
Restaurant NameCuisine
Roots CafeVegan/Vegetarian
The Eating InnVegan/Vegetarian
The Handmade Burger Co.Vegan Options
Turtle BayCaribbean Vegan
The Cedar TavernVegan/Vegetarian
Grosvenor CafeVegan/Vegetarian

1. Roots Cafe

  • Cuisine: Offering a diverse menu of vegan and vegetarian options, Roots Cafe focuses on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. From hearty breakfasts to delightful lunches, their menu boasts a range of healthy yet delicious dishes.

2. The Eating Inn

  • Cuisine: The Eating Inn specializes in vegan and vegetarian cuisine with a creative twist. Their menu is full of innovative plant-based options that cater to a variety of tastes, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

3. The Handmade Burger Co.

  • Cuisine: While not exclusively vegan, The Handmade Burger Co. offers a range of vegan-friendly choices. Their emphasis is on crafting delicious, high-quality burgers, including several delectable vegan options.

4. Turtle Bay

  • Cuisine: Turtle Bay offers a Caribbean-inspired menu, including an array of delightful vegan dishes. From jerk plantains to flavorful curries, their vegan selection brings the essence of the Caribbean to Blackpool.

5. The Cedar Tavern

  • Cuisine: The Cedar Tavern’s vegan and vegetarian offerings showcase a mix of classic comfort food and contemporary dishes. Their menu provides an eclectic blend of flavors that cater to various dietary preferences.

6. Grosvenor Cafe

  • Cuisine: With a focus on vegan and vegetarian fare, Grosvenor Cafe offers a diverse menu featuring vibrant dishes created using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Their selection appeals to both vegans and those seeking meat-free options.

Each of these restaurants prides itself on providing a delightful culinary experience, highlighting the diversity and innovation present in vegan cuisine.

Top Non-Veg Restaurants in Blackpool, England

Local cuisine eatery in Blackpool, England
Restaurant NameCuisineDescription
Miller & CarterSteakhouseKnown for premium steaks and classic steakhouse sides.
Buddha LoungeThai & Chinese FusionOffers a fusion menu with seafood, meat, and poultry dishes, known for aromatic flavors.
Seagull’s NestSeafoodSpecializes in fresh seafood, including fish and chips and seafood platters.
The Velvet CoasterBritish GastropubServes classic British pub fare, including a variety of hearty meals and traditional pub favorites.
CenettaItalianFeatures a diverse menu with Italian-inspired non-vegetarian dishes, from pasta to meat-based mains.
La FontanaItalianSpecializes in Italian cuisine, offering a range of non-vegetarian options such as pasta dishes and meat-based entrees.

Local Cafes in Blackpool, England

Restaurant ambiance in Blackpool, England
Cafe NameSpecialty
The Beach HouseSpecialty coffees and cakes
The Rabbit HoleHandcrafted pastries
Stanley Park CaféLocally sourced dishes

Specialized Diet Spots in Blackpool, England

Fine dining restaurant in Blackpool, England
Spot NameSpecialized Diet
Greens Vegan CaféVegan
Bella ItaliaGluten-free options
The Eating InnVegetarian

1. Greens Vegan Café: Renowned for its entirely plant-based menu, Greens Vegan Café serves a diverse range of vegan dishes, from delectable pastries to hearty mains, emphasizing sustainability and freshness.

2. Bella Italia: While not exclusively specialized, Bella Italia offers a variety of Italian dishes, including gluten-free options, ensuring those with dietary restrictions can enjoy classic Italian cuisine without worry.

3. The Eating Inn: Known for its versatile menu, The Eating Inn provides an array of vegetarian dishes. Their offerings cater to diverse tastes and dietary needs, making it an ideal spot for both vegetarians and those looking for meat-free options.


Blackpool’s culinary scene is a vibrant tapestry of flavors, offering an array of choices from cozy local cafes to top-rated restaurants.

Whether you’re savoring the innovative vegan offerings at Greens Vegan Café, indulging in the diverse Italian fare at Bella Italia, or discovering the welcoming ambiance of The Eating Inn, the city’s eateries cater to diverse palates.

Complement your dining experience with shopping in Blackpool, England, or find essential travel information on Blackpool, England Travel Resources.

From specialty diet spots to venues showcasing local flavors, Blackpool’s culinary landscape ensures a delightful experience for every visitor. Discover more about the city’s attractions and activities by exploring things to do in Blackpool, England.


What are the top-rated restaurants in Blackpool, England?

Some highly recommended restaurants in Blackpool include The Eating Inn, Bella Italia, West Coast Rock Café, and The Beach House.

Are there vegan-friendly restaurants in Blackpool?

Yes, Blackpool has several vegan-friendly options like Greens Vegan Café and The Handmade Burger Co., offering a range of delicious plant-based dishes.

What cuisines are popular in Blackpool’s restaurants?

Italian, British, Seafood, and Vegan cuisines are quite popular in Blackpool’s restaurant scene, with many establishments offering diverse menus.

Can I find family-friendly restaurants in Blackpool?

Absolutely! Restaurants like Frankie & Benny’s and Pizza Express are family-friendly, offering a welcoming atmosphere and menus suitable for all ages.

Where can I find local cafes in Blackpool?

Some renowned local cafes in Blackpool include Toast Café Bar, Coffee and Cake, and Café Chicane, known for their cozy ambiance and delightful brews and pastries.

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