Discover Charlottetown Official Travel Guide: This guide provides a comprehensive overview of Charlottetown, including places to stay, things to see and do, dining options, and local tips. You can browse the 2023 guide online or order a 2024 guide for delivery.

Canada’s Entry Requirements: This official Canadian government website provides detailed information on visa and entry requirements for travelers to Canada, including those specific to Charlottetown.

Travel Health – The Public Health Agency of Canada offers travel health notices and information on health risks and preventive measures for Canadian travelers.

Charlottetown Emergency Contacts: For emergency contacts and procedures in Charlottetown, this official city website provides essential information.

T3 Transit – Charlottetown Public Transit: This site provides information on public transportation in and around Charlottetown, including schedules, routes, and contact information for bookings.

Consular Services – This Canadian government site outlines consular services available to Canadians traveling abroad, which can be useful for understanding the type of assistance available from Canadian consulates.

These resources should provide a well-rounded overview of travel-related information for Charlottetown, including health, transportation, emergency contacts, and consular services.